Located in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin District, Bodega Bistro is a purveyor of fine Vietnamese cuisine.

Being a family run business for over 10 years, Bodega Bistro has been serving authentic, quality food to San Francisco’s Little Saigon District. Located on 607 Larkin, we strive to give the customers a great experience, delicious dishes, and quality service. Our name “Bodega” is a clever word play: Originating from the Vietnamese language, Bo means beef, De means Lamb, and Ga means chicken. Bodega Bistro has been mentioned in the SF Examiner, 7x7 Magazine “100 Things to Eat in San Francisco”, and also Food Paradise’s segment “Taste Like Chicken.” Billy Ho is the executive chef at Bodega Bistro. While being of Chinese descent, Billy learned the Vietnamese culture while growing up in Hanoi. He has always been a fan of food due to the excitement it brings to others. Billy continues to share new flavors with his customers through a combination of Chinese, Vietnamese, and French influence in his cuisine.

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(415) 580-7965



607 Larkin Street
San Francisco
California 94109



Tuesday- Sunday
10:30 am - 3-pm

5:00pm – 9:30pm